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Safety instructions for working gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-17
The main properties of working gloves, such as length, linear density, strength, maturity, impurity, are different with the cotton variety, place of production, production conditions, processing, etc., and these properties of raw cotton are the same as the spinning process and the finished product. Yarn quality is closely related. Therefore, the rational use of a variety of raw cotton combinations and the full use of the characteristics of different raw cottons are to improve product quality and stabilize production. It is a very important and significant work in spinning production. Keep the production and yarn quality of working gloves relatively stable, and improve the operating efficiency of the machine. If a single raw cotton is used for spinning, due to the limited use time of a batch of raw cotton, it is necessary to frequently replace the raw materials, resulting in fluctuations in production and yarn quality. The cotton mix keeps the properties of the mixed cotton relatively stable, reduces quality fluctuations, and improves the operating efficiency of the machine. are not easy to sweat because they have heat preservation, heat insulation, and breathability, so that the wearer feels comfortable. And because this kind of labor gloves is affordable, economical, durable, and easy to use, the application fields are becoming more and more extensive.
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