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Requirements for the use of jersey gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-15
Workers nowadays generally use gloves to protect their hands, but often some gloves will be too tight or too loose and easy to fall off, delaying work, let me introduce you to the choice of work gloves to improve work efficiency: 1 , Choose the appropriate jersey and cotton work gloves according to the workplace. The size of the gloves should be appropriate. If the gloves are too tight, it will restrict the circulation of blood, cause fatigue and uncomfortable. If it is too loose, it is inflexible to use, and it is easy to fall off.  2. Check the gloves at any time to check for small holes or damaged or abraded places, especially between the finger seams.  3. Pay attention to safety when using jersey and cotton wool work gloves. Do not throw away contaminated gloves arbitrarily to avoid harm to others.  4. The correct method must be used to remove the gloves to prevent the harmful substances contaminated on the gloves from contacting the skin and clothes, causing secondary pollution.  5. Do not share single-layered cotton wool work gloves with other labor gloves, because the inside of the gloves is a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms, and sharing gloves is likely to cause cross-infection.  Dry, clean, and undamaged thread gloves can protect our hands well. We must master the usage requirements so that it can really work. Through the above introduction, you know how to choose working gloves. I hope to help you choose gloves and help you improve your work efficiency!
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