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Requirements for hot pressing in plywood production

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-05
Wood panel products have been widely used in the furniture manufacturing industry in the past two years. Regarding the manufacture of Wood panel products, Qin Ge uses small-diameter wood, branch wood, commercial wood chips and sawdust as raw materials, and uses continuous hot pressing technology to produce ordinary Wood panel products. Examples, introducing its process technology:

(1) Drying technology with low energy consumption and high efficiency

The shavings drying adopts a single-channel drum dryer. The drying medium is hot flue gas after dust removal and purification. The drying temperature is high and the speed is fast. Compared with hot air as the drying medium, it saves two heat exchanges and has thermal efficiency. Correspondingly can be improved.

(2) High-precision sizing technology

Using online sizing technology. Table and core layer shavings are respectively measured by the continuous weight method, based on the measured weight of the table and core layer shavings and the sizing formula drawn up by the production process, the table, core layer glue solution, curing glue solution, waterproofing agent and buffering agent and other components Adopt gravimetric method or volume method to respectively measure and then pour into the glue mixing machine. The online sizing technology is accurate in measurement, cancels the traditional glue adjustment process, reduces the consumption of glue, etc., and satisfies the requirements of the production of Wood panel products.

(3) Low energy consumption and high precision paving technology

The slab paving adopts a new generation of multi-head combined paving machine. The technology is mature and reliable. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, low noise, no special maintenance, and high paving precision. The adoption of new paving technology can reduce the sanding margin, thereby reducing the consumption of raw materials and reducing production costs.

(4) Continuous hot pressing technology

The use of continuous flat pressing hot pressing technology can be mass-produced and reduce the amount of lateral trimming and reduce the consumption of raw materials. Compared with intermittent hot pressing technology, it can reduce heat loss and improve thermal efficiency and equipment efficiency.

In summary, the advanced production technology can not only ensure the production capacity of Wood panel products, but also reduce the loss of energy consumption to a certain extent.

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