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Reasons for the total breakage of rubber gloves in work gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-17
are mainly practical. Therefore, maintaining the labor gloves is also your own protection. The work gloves are made of natural rubber and should not be in contact with acids, alkalis, and oils for a long time when used, and should be prevented from piercing by sharp objects. After use, wash and dry, and sprinkle talcum powder on the inside and outside of the gloves, and keep them in a safe place without pressure or heat during storage. This is because it has two weaknesses-the oil resistance and heat resistance of rubber are not very strong. If you use it at high temperature every day, and if you don’t clean the gloves immediately after cleaning up the greasy, it will accelerate the aging of the gloves over time; because the molecular structure of natural rubber is very similar to oil, it is easy to enter each other In the gap between each other, this is what we often call the phenomenon of 'similar dissolution'. Therefore, when the oil remains on the glove for a long time, it will slowly dissolve the glove and accelerate its aging. Therefore, you must avoid hot water and oil when washing things with gloves, otherwise the latex gloves will age at a rapid rate! However, some people have said that our latex gloves not only become soft and sticky, but sometimes they become brittle and hard, and they are also easy to break. Why? In fact, this is due to the aging of natural rubber in two situations. If you frequently contact with oil and hot water, it will become soft and sticky, but if you do not wash your gloves in time or often expose to the sun, it will become hard and brittle. . In addition, plastic products such as plastic bottles, baby bottles, and rubber products such as gloves are all polymer materials in nature. Here is a reminder for you to pay attention to use and maintenance: first, avoid prolonged exposure to high temperature and oil; second, be sure to clean in time after use, dry in the shade in a ventilated place, and never under the sun Exposure.
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