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Quick shutter door installation, maintenance

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-02-28
Installation and maintenance of fast rolling shutter doors, Introduction to installation of Guangzhou Zhongtai fast rolling shutter doors; The fast rolling door consists of multiple components, including motors that provide power performance, electric boxes, curtains, transparent windows and so on as control systems. The quality of the fast rolling door is not only reflected in the quality of each component, but also reflected in the installation. The installation quality is high, the fast rolling door operation can be longer and more stable, and many unnecessary troubles can be avoided during use. The installer must be familiar with the installation drawings of the quick door before installation, check whether the line of the quick shutter door is in place, and make other installation preparations, including the parts and tools that need to be used. Before installing the fast door, it is also necessary to check whether the size of the door matches the size of the hole; Whether the number of guide rail supports is correct; Opening embedded parts support embedded parts location whether right and so on. The process flow is roughly divided into: hole treatment, elastic line, fixed drum transmission device, no-load test run, curtain plate installation, guide rail installation, test run and cleaning. Hole treatment: Check whether the hole is consistent with the product size. Generally, the width and height of the hole should not be greater than 5 m. Check the position and quantity of embedded parts. Bullet Line: measure the elevation of the hole and pop up the vertical of the two guide rails and the center line of the drum. Fixed drum and transmission device: weld the backing plate on the embedded iron plate, fix the left and right supports of the drum with screws, install the drum, rotate flexibly after the drum is installed, and install the reducer and transmission system, install electrical control system. No-load test run: check the motor after power-on, whether the reducer works normally and whether the rotating direction of the drum is correct. Curtain board: assemble the Curtain board and install it on the reel. Installation Guide Rail: according to the position specified in the drawing, the guide rails on both sides and above shall be welded firmly on the embedded parts of the wall and welded into a whole. Each guide rail shall be on the same vertical plane. Test run: first manually test run, open and close with the motor several times, adjust to no stuck, block and abnormal noise, etc. , the speed of opening and closing meets the requirements. After all debugging, install the protective cover. Cleaning: paint or inlay the decorative surface of the guide rail Wall to clean the site. Fast shutter door installation there are still unclear places to contact us.
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