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Principles of wearing ceremonial gloves Gloves information-

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-10
The manufacturing process of labor gloves is very particular. First of all, start with the raw material cotton yarn. The quality of the cotton yarn gloves is the key to the raw material cotton yarn. Baicheng Labor Insurance Gloves has been specialized in the glove manufacturing industry for decades. With many years of experience in glove production and manufacturing, we will explain to you the production technology of labor gloves. Good raw materials and mature production processes make good gloves natural and we need to grasp Good raw material cotton yarn purchase, through cotton yarn sampling board, field inspection cotton yarn workshop, understanding of the production process of labor insurance gloves, cotton yarn inspection, and evaluation of the quality index of cotton yarn before the production of labor insurance gloves. Secondly, labor insurance gloves adjust the automatic computer glove machine, adjust the board of the automatic computer glove machine, and rectify the unqualified products until they are qualified. The technicians and staff in the production workshop screen and sort the cotton gloves. , To classify unqualified products. Then it is the work of sewing the gloves and the inspection, the sewing of the gloves, and the inspection of the cotton gloves in time, and the unqualified products are classified. Finally, the gloves are packaged and inspected. The workers of labor insurance gloves will also package and inspect the gloves. This is the last level of quality control until the quality of the gloves is guaranteed.
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