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Precautions for wearing sterile working gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-21
Sterile working gloves are an essential tool for doctors. They must be worn during normal care or surgery. Their role is to prevent bacterial infections, so sterile working gloves are very important. Let me introduce you to the precautions for wearing. Wearing sterile gloves is the basic skill of surgical operation, and it is also an important content in the skill test of clinical practitioners and assistant physicians. Therefore, it should be mastered. The precautions for wearing sterile gloves are summarized below for reference. 1. Hands that do not wear Taian aseptic working labor gloves are only allowed to touch the outwardly folded part of the glove cover, not the outside of the glove. 2. First insert the right hand Taian sterile working gloves with your right hand, taking care not to touch the outside of the glove; then insert the worn right finger into the inner side of the folded part of the left hand glove to help insert the left hand into the glove. Do not touch the skin of the left hand with the right hand that is already wearing labor gloves. 3. Turn the folded part of the Taian sterile work glove back to the cuff of the surgical gown. If necessary, use sterile saline to rinse the talcum powder on the outside of the labor gloves. Before the operation begins, the hands should be placed on the chest.
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