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popular choices of tiles for flooring and wall

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-31
This article is about the features of different types of QinGe bamboo flooring.
One of the most popular floor types is tilels.
It creates beautiful floors.
Read this article to learn more.
Tiles are one of the most popular items to create beautiful floors and decorate walls.
These materials are made from a variety of materials including terrazzo, clay, quartz, stone and metal, with a variety to choose from.
Every choice of tile floor has its own pros and cons.
If you want to buy tiles online or offline, it is critical to know which type of flooring material will be the best QinGe bamboo flooring material for your space.
In this article, we will discuss the defining features of different types of floors.
Tiles: These tiles are made of red or white clay and heated in the kiln.
After that, they finished the glaze and provided them with colors and patterns.
Tiles are used for floor and wall tiles with different degrees of wear resistance.
Some varieties of tiles are also suitable for commercial use.
Due to the use of clay, they have a great water absorption capacity and a small degree of freezing resistance.
They are therefore considered unsuitable for external use or for cold weather areas.
The tiles do not need to be sealed and are provided in many finishes including matte, gloss and satin.
Any common cutter can be used to cut them.
Unlike tiles, ceramics are easily worn.
Porcelain and non-porcelain
Porcelain: ceramic tiles can be divided into porcelain or non-porcelain. porcelain.
Traditional tiles are right
Porcelain made of red, white or brown clay and various other minerals.
In addition to containing clay and minerals, these tiles also contain a large amount of white dust called Changshi mine.
Actually, a crystal found in a rock.
White Dust works as a \"flux\" in the process of kiln --
Dry and help glue all the raw materials together.
Even minor changes in the composition of the tile will produce many tile varieties with different looks and features.
Porcelain and non-porcelain
Tiles can be divided into two different categories.
One is not glazed, and the other is glazed.
The glazed tiles have matte, semi-glossy and high gloss.
These finishes are applied in the manufacturing process.
Glazed tiles are known for their high stain resistance, scratch resistance and low water absorption.
There are many kinds of tiles made like tiles, but they are not so popular among consumers, including glass, ceramics, bricks, sartillo, Terracotta Warriors and cement.
Natural stone tiles: natural stone tiles are made of natural materials such as marble, slate, limestone and granite.
These tiles have different features and are used in different locations.
Marble is a spoiled rock of many colors in nature.
It has rich texture and is known for its highly porous properties.
Marble Tiles can only be used in the kitchen after being honed and sealed.
Limestone is a kind of deposited rock with a soil appearance, with light and dark colors.
Because it is less dense than granite and marble, it is easy to get dirty.
After reading this article, you must have learned a lot of knowledge.
So buy tiles online or offline that fit your space and taste to enhance the beauty of your home.
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