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by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-11
With the excitement of the contractor building a new pool for you, it\'s easy to forget that the garden may require landscaping and the pool needs to be decorated.Now more and more people have built a swimming pool in the garden.The excitement of planning the pool usually means that people are caught in a trap that does not fully consider the landscape and the decorative area of the pool.When deciding to finish your new pool on deck, remember that your deck is not just a way to get in and out of the pool.When you watch the kids play in the pool, it will be a place to relax or entertain guests in the recliner.If the pool is on the ground, the deck area is often built at the same time as the pool.If the pool and deck are concrete, it is usually poured at the same time so that the deck is actually part of the pool structure.It is then either left as it is, it can be tiled or paved with paving stones, and it is also possible to combine a terrace area to relax.You should choose a spread tile or tile that will not slide once it is soaked.You can get the deck of the compound pool without sliding and will not rot due to continuous exposure to the water.The deck of the above-ground pool was added after the pool was built.The traditional pool deck wooden deck is still a favorite of the above-ground pool due to its natural look and feel.If you decide to be on a wooden deck, it is better to go and eat hardwood floors.The initial cost is higher, but it will last longer than the pressure treated cork that is constantly getting wet.The deck can be on one side of your above ground pool or you can surround the whole pool.The entrance to the deck will enter through the stairs on the deck.Now there are alternatives to vinyl, aluminum and plastic decks on the pool deck.In fact, there is no danger of rot or termite attack due to constant wet, which makes them a good choice.Plus they are actually maintained for free, it\'s easy to understand why they are becoming more and more popular.It seems to me that these alternative materials are more popular than wood is only a matter of time, but if there is one, it will be a long time before they replace the wood in the normal deck building.Wood is still preferred in practical places, but it has to be said that around the pool or any other body of water, wood is not really practical for long periods of unmaintained living.DIY Deck building your own deck is great for wallets, but make sure you are ready for the task before you start, and make sure you have the relevant permissions required for your local building and planning office.
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