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Plywood veneer decoration should pay attention to the thickness deviation of the substrate

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-05
Before the surface decoration of wood panel products, if the thickness of the substrate is deviated, the surface decoration will not be performed normally. Shanghai Qin Ge analyzes the reasons for the deviation of the thickness of the substrate from the following points:

1. Wood panel product slab paving is uneven, resulting in uneven thickness of the slab. The thickness of the veneer that constitutes the plywood is uneven.

2. During the placement process of wood-based panels with uneven density, the thickness of the panels will also be uneven due to the different expansion degrees in the panels after moisture absorption.

3. For products that use thickness gauges to control the thickness, the moisture in the middle of the slab is not easy to discharge during hot pressing, and the moisture content is higher than that of the surrounding parts. The thickness of the middle of the board is smaller than the thickness gauge, forming a shape with a thick periphery and a thin middle.

4. The thickness deviation of the thickness gauge itself.

5. The surface of the hot press plate is uneven or the installation accuracy of the hot press cannot meet the requirements.

The above is the reason for the deviation of the thickness of the wood panel product substrate. When the thickness deviation of the substrate is large, the bonding strength of the facing material will become low, and even local parts cannot be fully glued, causing the facing material to fall off .

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