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plywood shop cart made with cnc router: 5 steps

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-12
This is a shopping cart made of 3/4 and 1/2 plywood.
The parts of this part are cut on the CNC router.
I decided to set up a shopping cart from the scraps of various items.
The carts are very convenient as they can be easily pushed out to make room for large chunks of work.
This is the first of two shopping cart designs.
The second one can be found here :(
The exact quantity of plywood will vary depending on the size of your cart)3/4 plywood -
For the sides and legs of the tray, I cut this out of the scrap, but you should be able to cut everything off 1/2 of the paper. 1/2 plywood -
Two rectangular plates for trolley trays-
Typical sizes are 18x24 and 24x36-
Table 1/2 less than 1 inch thick bag screws-
12 fixed casters wheels of 3 inch
2 3 inch rotating casters wheels-
2 mounting screws and washers for casters-
Any plywood friendly 1/4 router bit-
This is a shopping cart.
Not worried about the tear on the wound. .
Pocket screw fixtures and drives brad nailer designed a trick with a shopping cart, especially one of the smaller ones is stability.
The larger wheels are really good for uneven surfaces, but can lead to insufficient stability.
I studied the size of the online cart with 3 inch wheels and used it for my starting point.
Typical pallet sizes are 18x24 and 24x36 inch, respectively.
I would like to make a very strong car that is supported and locked in place by the plywood itself and does not rely on fasteners that will loosen over time.
This requires a large number of interlocking cutouts, cards, and a full range of swipes and joints.
I don\'t want any handles on the trolley, so multiple carts can be tightly packed together, a small shop.
This part is easy.
Just put a 1/4 bit on the router and run all the files.
It\'s a bit painful.
Although all the parts are interlocking, the design is not locked in place until all the parts are assembled.
Since it is not possible to assemble the entire part at once, it is necessary to manually square the sub-assembly.
Instead of building some fixtures for this, I looked at the accessories.
I\'m stuck. Brad nailed the submarine.
Assembled together quickly, so I had the opportunity to adjust the fit when assembling the whole block. -
First assemble the tray by connecting the sides to the bottom of the tray.
I use pocket screws here, but that\'s too much. -
Then assemble the legs. -
Now stick the whole piece together.
After the glue is dry :-
Pour the trolley over and glue the plywood base of the wheel
Install the wheels with large wooden screws.
I didn\'t apply any finishes, but it might be a good idea to paint or paint to facilitate the cleanup of spills when the trolley is put into use. That\'s it!
While the end product is powerful and looks cool, I\'m going to fix some issues --
Too many parts: 22 plywood parts for this car
Too much cutting time. -
Assembling this part is clumsy and time consuming --
This led to some hasty behavior.
But the joints are still tight)
: This can be solved by designing some assembly fixtures and/or modifying the design.
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