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Plywood manufacturers丨What is the difference between plywood and MDF_shanghai chuangji board brand manufacturer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-07
Many consumers don’t know much about the boards when they buy boards, and they often literally understand that Wood panel products are of poor quality, and the quality of MDF is much better than Wood panel products. In fact, this understanding is The most one-sided, the editor summarizes the following points, the difference between Wood panel product and MDF:

1. Different materials

Wood panel product is processed by crushing logs and high temperature and high pressure. Wood scrap is the main raw material. The density board is also called fiberboard. Its main raw material is plant wood fiber, which is made by hot grinding, paving and hot pressing.

Two, different appearance

From the appearance, the cross section of Wood panel product is three floors, with low middle and high ends. The outer two layers are finely organized fine particles, and the middle is wood scraps, the cross section looks like a honeycomb. The cross-section of the density board is uniform in color and uniform in particle distribution. The surface is flat and the processing is simple.

Three, different characteristics

Wood panel product has poor bending resistance and compression resistance, loose density, easy to loose, and formaldehyde content is higher than that of MDF. The advantage is that the internal structure is intersected and scattered, the nail holding force is better, and the lateral bearing capacity is strong.

The density board has compact structure, good shaping ability, is not easy to be deformed by moisture, and has low formaldehyde content, but the overall lack of texture, so the nail holding force is poor. If the screw is tightened twice in the same place, the tightening force will be lost .

Fourth, the scope of application is different

Wood panel products are mostly used in panel furniture. Generally, MDF is used as the base material for PVC adsorption door panels. In detail, MDF is used in storage rooms, shoe cabinets, door covers, window covers, skirting lines, etc.

Five, the price is different

The price of each Wood panel product ranges from 60 to 160 yuan, and the price is relatively cheap. The price of MDF ranges from 80 yuan to 200 yuan.

To sum up, Wood panel product and MDF are actually different from the scope of application, so you can't blindly use the same kind of board on furniture, and use its strengths is the most correct.

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