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Plywood manufacturers tell you why it is hard to find a board recently

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-07
In response to the call for environmental protection, the state clearly stipulates to reduce the extraction of wood and limit the amount of logging, which makes it more difficult for Wood panel product manufacturers to obtain raw materials, and the adhesive under inflation has also risen repeatedly. For Wood panel product manufacturers, only Being able to control its own profits by increasing prices, Shanghai Wood panel product manufacturer Qin Ge will explain to you why the price of Wood panel products has been soaring and demand exceeds demand:

Wood panel product has many reasons from panel furniture auxiliary material to replacing MDF as the main material and then to short supply.

'Three feet of freezing is not a day's cold.'

1. Domestic customized furniture has an annual growth rate of 30%, leading to an increase in the demand for wood panel products by enterprises;

2. Compared with MDF, Wood panel product has the advantages of cheaper price, better moisture-proof performance, not easy to be deformed, and shorter formaldehyde release period. It has become the first choice for customized cabinets and large-area main materials for customized wardrobes;

3. Based on the fact that before 2008, most manufacturers produced MDF, which resulted in not many Wood panel product manufacturers, and the high investment cost discouraged many plate manufacturers who admired this cake.

It is understood that there are only nine large-scale wood panel product production lines in China, including Jilin Forest Industry, Tubao, and Daya. Fourth, the wood panel product production process has strict weather requirements. The heavy rain in recent months has made it even more difficult for wood to dry. , The production capacity of Wood panel products is relatively reduced.

Various reasons have made it more difficult for Wood panel product manufacturers to obtain raw materials for the production of Wood panel products. Wood panel product manufacturers have also increased their prices after all aspects of regulation and control.

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