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Plywood manufacturers tell you what to consider when buying panel furniture

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-07
Wood panel products are wood-based panels made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials, which are glued under the action of heat and pressure with adhesives (also known as particle boards, particle boards), and are now mainly used in furniture and construction , Decoration, home appliances, shipbuilding and other industries. What should I pay attention to when buying a Wood panel product?

1. According to the purpose:

Type A Wood panel product; Type B Wood panel product

2. According to Wood panel product structure:

Single-layer structure Wood panel product; Three-layer structure Wood panel product; Gradual structure Wood panel product; Orientation Wood panel product; Waffle Wood panel product; Molded Wood panel product.

3. According to the manufacturing method:

Flat pressing Wood panel product; Extruding Wood panel product.

4. According to the raw materials used:

Wood Wood panel product; Bagasse Wood panel product; Flax shavings Wood panel product; Cotton stalk Wood panel product; Bamboo Wood panel product, etc.; Cement Wood panel product; Gypsum Wood panel product.

5. According to the surface conditions:

a. Unfinished Wood panel product: Sanding Wood panel product; Unsanding Wood panel product.

b. Finishing Wood panel product: impregnated paper veneer Wood panel product; decorative laminate veneer Wood panel product; veneer veneer Wood panel product; surface coating Wood panel product; PVC veneer Wood panel product, etc.

Many types of Wood panel products will be encountered during the purchase, and the corresponding Wood panel products can be purchased for construction according to actual needs. The editor recommends buying Shanghai Chuangji Wood panel product manufacturer. The manufacturing process determines the quality of the product. With 20 years of Wood panel product production experience, the technology is ahead of the peers.

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