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Plywood manufacturers tell you the use of plywood

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-07
As the market demand for Wood panel products is increasing, Wood panel product manufacturers have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. As a kind of uniform structure and good processing performance, it is a good substrate for making furniture of different specifications and styles. In which areas can it be used? Wood panel product manufacturer Shanghai Qin Ge will summarize for everyone:

1. As the base material:

Industrial grade Wood panel product is suitable for veneer substrate, many veneer materials are available. Wood panel product has uniform density, small thickness tolerance and smooth surface is a very good veneer substrate.

2. Kitchen cabinets:

Wood panel products can be used as the shelf, side panels, back panels, drawers, doors and other parts of the cabinet. Wood panel product manufacturers have taken a fancy to Wood panel products for their performance and economic advantages. The grades are M- -S, M--2, and M---3.

3. Floor bedding board:

4 X 8 feet Wood panel product is easy to install and can be used as a floor mat, (PBU) plus a wool floor, this kind of floor is strong, strong, sound and impact resistant. Install with nails or ditch ring, then lay carpets, elastic bricks or seamless floor coverings.

4. Housing plank:

The thickness of MHD for housing plank is between 5/8 inch and 13/16 inch. It is a square match-and-match board with a specific length and width. MHD complies with ANST A 208.1 standard and has two grades D2 and D3.

5. Countertop:

Wood panel product has stable dimensions, flat, smooth, no knots or voids, high impact, easy to veneer, can be used as the core board of the counter top, and meets the ANST A 161.2 veneer counter performance standard.

6. Stair treads:

It is an excellent material for indoor stair treads, it will not crack, has various lengths, and the material utilization rate is high and waste is minimized. Wood panel product has a uniform thickness, and one side of the board is rounded, which saves time and is convenient for installation.

7. Shelf:

This is a common usage, which provides builders with an economical, flat, easy-to-cut, and non-porous smooth surface. The application of industrial grade depends on specific requirements. Wood panel product shelves are flat, or the edges are square or rounded.

8. Door core, door sill and molded parts:

Wood panel product The door core is not as easy to warp as solid wood, its heat insulation and sound resistance can help reduce heat loss and sound wave transmission. Door jambs made of Wood panel products are wrapped in PVC or ready to be painted, which is a very economical choice for building houses. Wood panel product is also a good base material for PVC-clad indoor molding parts and building joinery.

It can be seen that the scope of application of Wood panel products is very wide, almost covering most of the home decoration. Such a large market demand is bound to be the 'cake' pursued by many manufacturers.

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