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Plywood manufacturers tell you the difference between solid wood furniture and plywood furniture

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-07
In the furniture market, furniture materials are roughly divided into solid wood furniture and panel furniture, and wood panel products are mainly used in panel furniture. Therefore, Wood panel product manufacturer Qin Ge distinguishes solid wood furniture from wood panel products. Explain it for everyone:

Different materials

The solid wood furniture mainly uses solid wood raw materials. From the name of the wood panel product furniture, the main material is Wood panel product as the raw material. In order to prevent the side from absorbing water, it will be veneer treatment;

Different structure

Solid wood furniture is generally combined with a tenon structure, Wood panel product furniture is generally assembled by hardware, solid wood furniture is generally fixed and assembled (less disassembly), Wood panel product furniture is generally disassembled;

Different production processes

The production process of solid wood furniture is more complicated. The production process of Wood panel product furniture is relatively simple. The areas with shapes are generally solid wood or gypsum materials;

Different durability

The durability of solid wood furniture is better. Wood panel product furniture is easy to deform, especially afraid of water;

Environmental protection is also different

Solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly. Even E0E1 grade Wood panel product furniture will release a certain amount of formaldehyde, but it is extremely harmful to the human body.

Of course, in terms of price, solid wood is very expensive, and Wood panel product uses wood or wood fiber, which is affordable, and after veneer treatment, it also has a beautiful appearance. When customers buy, they still start from demand.

Shanghai Qin Ge, as a domestic Wood panel product manufacturer with international E0 environmental certification, is committed to producing reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly Wood panel products. Welcome to inquire!

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