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Plywood manufacturers teach the difference between plywood and density board

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-06
When customers are decorating, they always have questions when choosing furniture panels. Which of the many panels on the market is more suitable for use? Wood panel product manufacturer Qin Ge will introduce you to Wood panel products and MDF The difference between.

Different materials

Wood panel product is a board made of scraps made of wood or other wood fiber materials, bonded by glue, and compressed by heat and pressure;

MDF is made of plant wood fiber through hot grinding, paving and hot pressing.

Different appearance

Because of the material, the cross section of Wood panel product has three layers, the outer two layers are composed of finely organized fine particles, and the middle is wood scraps. The cross-section of MDF is uniform in color and uniform in particle distribution.

Different features

Wood panel product because of the internal intersecting and staggered structure, if the surface is not sealed, it is easy to absorb water and expand, but it has strong nail holding power and lateral bearing capacity;

Due to the compact internal structure, MDF is not easy to be deformed by moisture, but the nail holding power is relatively poor compared to Wood panel products.

Different scope of application

According to its characteristics, Wood panel products are mostly used in panel furniture, while storage rooms, shoe cabinets, door covers, etc. use MDF.

Different prices

Different products have different prices. The average price of Wood panel products ranges from 60-160 yuan, while the price of MDF is relatively high, ranging from 80-200 yuan.

The above five points are the biggest difference between Wood panel product and MDF. Of course, it cannot be said that the two are inferior to the other. Both types of panels have their own characteristics and different fields of application. Therefore, when choosing panels, customers should have Targeted purchases.

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