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Plywood manufacturers repair and sanding process for defects of plywood board surface_shanghai chuangji board brand manufacturer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-06
Wood panel product manufacturers will use mixed glue (a mixed glue of urea-formaldehyde glue and polyvinyl acetate emulsion) when veneer wood panel products. Therefore, the ratio of mixed glue has a certain influence on the final effect of wood panel product veneer. , Mainly for the following points:

1. Through plastic

Reason: When the moisture content of veneer is high, UF glue is used, which is easy to penetrate. The more pores of thin wood, the thicker it is, the more serious the glue penetration;

Prevention method: Add a certain amount of PVAc glue and flour to UF glue.

2. Thin wood dislocation

Measures: Add a certain amount of flour to the glue to improve the initial viscosity of the glue.

3. Surface cracks

It is easy to produce cracks when wet pasted;

Measures; increase the proportion of UF and improve its water resistance.

4. Deformation

After veneer veneer, the moisture absorption on both sides of the veneer is different → deformed;

Measures: Increase the ratio of PVAc to make the adhesive layer have a certain elasticity and reduce deformation.

5. Bonding strength

UF and PVA mixed glue,

The ratio of UF ↑, the water resistance of the adhesive ↑, the bonding strength ↑. The ratio of PVAc ↑, the permeability of the glue ↓, the flexibility of the film ↑. PVAc: UFu003d10: (2-5)

In summary, the mixing ratio requires certain experience and methods, otherwise the effect of wood panel product veneer cannot be controlled.

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