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by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-07
Regarding the vigorous development of Wood panel products, more and more users have begun to talk about furniture materials turning to Wood panel products, which have a uniform structure, excellent processing performance, and can be mass-produced. Qin Ge will analyze the wood panel products for everyone. The advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages and disadvantages of wood panel product one:

The finished product Wood panel product does not need to be dried again, and can be used directly. The sound absorption and sound insulation effect is also very good. However, because Wood panel products are scraps made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials, they are engineered to produce man-made panels with low density. Therefore, the whole is relatively soft, and the nail holding force is not strong. The quality is only low-grade plates.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood panel product two:

The interior of the Wood panel product is a granular cross-scattered structure. The performance of each part is basically the same, and the lateral load-bearing capacity is good. But because the edges are rough and easy to absorb moisture, it is generally not suitable for home furnishing backing, nor can it be used to make door and window covers.

Three advantages and disadvantages of Wood panel product:

Wood panel product has a flat surface. Although it is artificially made, it has a realistic texture, small errors in thickness and density, anti-pollution, anti-aging, and can be used for various veneers. Scattered plates are prone to tooth blasting when cutting boards, and the requirements for detailed processing equipment and process technology are relatively high.

Four advantages and disadvantages of Wood panel product:

The processing performance of wood panel products is very good. It can be processed according to needs or larger-format panels, and the thickness specifications can be selected according to the use. There is no need to process the thickness, which is very convenient. In addition, due to the large volume of Wood panel product, the furniture made with it is heavier in terms of weight compared to other panels.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood panel product five:

The environmental protection factor of wood panel products is relatively high compared to other woods. The amount of glue used is only convenient for details, so as to avoid the harmful substances in the glue from exceeding the standard. The quality difference between different products produced by wood panel products is relatively large, and it is not easy to distinguish; the bending resistance and the tensile resistance are relatively poor, and the bending and pulling cannot be restrained.

To sum up, it is not without reason that Wood panel products are favored by customers. Wood panel products are the only ones in response to the call of environmental protection.

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