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by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-08
For the name of melamine board, many people may not know what it is, but the name 'Wood panel product custom veneer' is relatively familiar. This time, Shanghai Wood panel product manufacturer Qin Ge will give you a detailed introduction Melamine board:

Features of Melamine Board

Melamine board makes the appearance of furniture strong, and the paper with color or imitation wood grain is fragile. After soaking in the transparent resin of melamine board, the adhesive film paper formed is much harder. This kind of adhesive film paper is hot with the substrate. After being pressed into one body, it has very good performance. The furniture made with it does not need to be painted, and the surface naturally forms a protective film, which is resistant to wear, scratches, acid and alkali, scalding, and pollution. When choosing this kind of panel furniture, in addition to satisfying the color and texture, you can also distinguish the appearance quality from several aspects. Whether there are stains, scratches, indentations, pores, whether the color and gloss are uniform, whether there is bubbling, and whether there are partial paper tears or defects.

The performance of melamine decorative board

It can imitate various patterns arbitrarily, with bright color, used as a veneer of various man-made boards and wood, with high hardness, wear resistance and good heat resistance.

It has good chemical resistance and can resist the abrasion of common acids, alkalis, greases, alcohols and other solvents.

The surface is smooth and clean, easy to maintain and clean.

To sum up, melamine board has most of the performance that meets the board furniture, and it will of course be loved by many brand furniture manufacturers.

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