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by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-06
The quality level of customized wood panel product is divided into seven categories according to the characteristics of the wood panel. The characteristics of all kinds of boards follow the European Community SFS-EN312 standard. Wood panel product custom panels are marked with the letter P and numbers to mark the category.

The Wood panel product custom board standard does not require the surface quality of the board, but the manufacturer divides the board into two quality levels A and B according to the appearance. The factors that need to be paid attention to when evaluating the quality of the surface layer are: polishing quality, flatness, cleanliness, edge fracture, etc.


Application object

Use level


Indoor building board



Indoor furniture panels



Moisture resistance non-supporting sheet of Haoyu Wood panel product



Indoor load-bearing load-bearing panels



Good moisture-proof performance and Wood panel product's load-bearing load board



Indoor load-bearing floor slab



The moisture-proof performance is better than Wood panel product's load-bearing load board


The above is the classification and integration of the application fields and quality levels of Wood panel product customized panels. Customers can use this as a benchmark when purchasing.

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