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nec display adds 55” video wall panels to popular un series displays

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-09
NEC Display adds 55 \"video wall panels near the border for popular UN series displays
Less 55 \"UN series video wall panels now feature enhanced factory color calibration for easy installation and uniform color-
NEC Display Solutions, leading business provider, June 12, 2019
Gradedigital signage display and projector announced the addition of the near baffle today-
Less than 55 \"panels, its UN series Display Series ensure the best video wall setup process thanks to its dense factory color calibration and proprietary SpectraView enginein-
The new UN552S and UN552VS features only 0.
44mm inactive areas around Anantiglare, high-
Haze IPS panel for seamless multi
Screen configuration is ideal for digital signage use in retail, enterprise, and broadcast environments.
The UN552S and UN552VS video wall panels are also equipped with commercial-
Advanced features such as enhanced OSD color control, easy content distribution, and superior software capabilities.
Ben Hardy, senior product manager at NEC Display Solutions, said: \"In terms of video wall settings, making sure the color is just right is usually the biggest pain point for customers . \".
\"That\'s why we designed the UN552 series of video wall panels to ensure color uniformity by allowing them to go through the enhanced factory calibration process, thus having the simplest setup process, provide maximum flexibility in color adjustment while reducing customer frustration.
\"Each un552 S and VS monitor calibrate brightness, RGB, white dots, uniformity and Gamma at the factory to ensure that each panel is out of the box.
This means that when installing a video wall, the customer does not have to waste time worrying about the initial color calibration of a single monitor.
This also means that each panel has an ideal setting for precise outputof-the-boxexperience.
In addition, since
Calibration is possible by inserting the external spectraverse sensor directly into the display-ideal for customers who need to change the color temperature or need to copy the settings when setting up a new panel.
The un552 S and VS panels also feature the best featuresin-
Color Control categories displayed on the screen (OSD)
, Brightness and color range control, as well as brightness uniformity, hue, saturation and offset.
Finally, due to the coordinated feedback loop between the spectraverse engine, the physical panel, the internal sensor, and the lookup table settings, un552 S and VS are able to maintain a constant brightness for a longer period of time-ideal for retail, transport and nearly 24/7 of business customers.
\"With UN552S and VS, we listened to feedback from our customers about color adjustments, Video Wall settings and overall ease of use,\" Hardy said . \".
\"We focused on these pains and designed these videos walldisplay, and we can provide the best given the feedback-in-
Classic controls on the video wall market.
\"The un552 S has a brightness of 700 cd/m2, ideal for retail, corporate, cinema or places of worship, while the UN552VS has a brightness of 500 cd/m2 for applications that do not require a maximum brightness, such as broadcasting, command and control.
Like other panels in the UN series, un552 S and VS have improved NDWC features including corner adjustment, uniformity correction, and faster recalibrating techniques.
The display also includes a display port and HDMI output connection from the internal media player to the daisy chain signal for easy video wall installation and management.
At the same time, the new TileCut feature ensures that
16:9 video wall-essential for customers who need to make sure the content is displayed correctly at all times.
United Nations series of impressive businesses
With a complete steel chassis, faster processing time and TileMatrix features, you can fully control the image adjustment on the wall.
Other major advantages of each monitor: * complete commercial building with steel chassis, commercial-
With its own grade cooling fan and temperature sensor
24/7 operation * diagnostic function of Raspberry Pi and OPS slot, added extension function. *Direct LED-
Backlight, allowing for a significant increase in dynamic contrast * localized dimming capabilities for Auto ID, Auto IP address, and Auto TileMatrix, this simplifies the time it takes to set control and image properties across video walls * extends daisy chain options using display port 1.
2 and HDMI Out, which enables 4 k UHD resolution across the entire wall through compatibility with the TileMatrix feature * shopet administrator 2 software, which allows the asset management capabilities of the product as well as full control and task management. The prices of UN552S and UN552VS have been pending since July.
Un552 S and VS products with 3-
Annual parts and laboratory warranty including backlight.
To learn about the new UN552S, visit the NECDisplay at InfoComm 1600 booth 2019, which will be held this week in June14, Orlando, Florida.
At the Orange County Convention Center.
For more information, please contact your NEC Monitor representative or visitwww. necdisplay. com.
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