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my country's plywood customization industry urgently needs the expansion of man-made forestry

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-08
my country is a large country producing customized wood panel products to a strong industrial country. We must pay attention to the improvement of the international competitiveness of my country’s wood panel product customized production industry. Although the timber supply of China’s natural forest resources is very tight, my country’s plantation forests are developing rapidly. Ranked first in the world. As my country enters the mid-stage of industrialization, the domestic market's demand for forest products will further increase. The development of a customized wood panel product industry will help meet domestic demand and expand domestic demand.

Studying the international competitiveness of China's wood panel product customization industry has important theoretical and practical significance, specifically including:

1. It can provide a theoretical basis and decision-making reference for the national and local governments to formulate Wood panel product customized industrial development policies.

2. It is of great practical significance to promote the sustainable and stable development of my country's wood panel product customization industry, improve the international competitiveness of my country's wood panel product customization industry, and expand foreign trade exports.

3. Provide reference materials for my country's Wood panel product customization enterprises in anti-dumping and other trade disputes, and provide reference for formulating correct competitive development strategies and improving the international competitiveness of enterprises.

China's demand for wood panel product customization is increasing year by year, so the development of artificial forestry is imminent.

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