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long tool organizer cart made with cnc-plywood -brooms, rakes, shovels...

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-12
This is a trolley that can be used to store long and odd tools without losing precious wall space.
Also, the cart can be moved to where you work, so you don\'t have to run back and forth every time you need another tool.
The car was made of the remaining 3/4 and 1/2 plywood scrap and cut on the CNC router.
The design takes advantage of the CNC function, but can also be done with a manual router and a template.
This is my second practical trolley design.
You can find the first design here: 3/4 plywood-
For the sides and legs of the tray, I cut this out of the scrap, but you should be able to cut everything off 1/2 of the paper. 1/2 plywood -
Fixed casters wheels less than 1/2 pieces 3 inch-
2 3 inch rotating casters wheels-
2 mounting screws and washers for casters-
Any plywood friendly 1/4 \"router bit-
This is a shopping cart.
Not worried about the tear on the wound.
3/4 \"router bit (optional -
Speed up the hole and slot cut)
Brad nailer clampsThis took advantage of my original shopping cart design (
Extended design to place holes and slots of different sizes in the top tray.
There are no holes in the bottom tray, but there is an extra shelf on the top of the tray with holes and slots aligned with it in the top tray.
I included them so that I reduced the space for other CNC router projects, but I included a picture here, shows the layout of the CNC router on a semi-plywood when it starts working now!
I used a big chunk (11/16)
Knock out the holes and pockets.
Save a lot of time! Note-
When you assemble the joints, use a fixture or square scrap to make sure they are square.
Quick work allows you to adjust the fit of the final assembly before the glue dries.
Glue and Brad nailed the tray parts together.
Glue and Brad nailed their legs together.
Glue and Brad nailed the tray assembly to the leg assembly.
Fixture for glue setting time (
Usually one hour.
But different from brand to brand).
The shelf should now be installed at the top of the bottom tray.
It should be comfortable but does not need to stick together.
Unglued shelves will allow later conversion to a standard shopping cart (
Just cover the holes in the top tray with a layer of 1/4 plywood).
Once the glue is dry: 4.
Pour the trolley over and glue it with 4 pieces of 3/4 plywood to support the casters 5.
Install the wheels with large wooden screws.
I didn\'t apply any finishes, but it might be a good idea to paint or paint to facilitate the cleanup of spills when the trolley is put into use. That\'s it!
Using some square cut scrap to make sure the sub-assemblies are square, simplifying the components, but still a bit of a rush to put the whole together.
But the layout of the shopping cart is great!
You can put a bunch of long tools on it.
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