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Labor protection glove manufacturers introduce the cleaning skills of gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-13
Gloves must be worn when they should be worn! But sometimes it must not be worn when it shouldn't be worn! I believe that every worker who has read 'Safety Production in Hebei' has seen the article. A beautiful 17-year-old female worker knowingly violated the operating rules for fear of soiling the gold ring on her hand. Wearing gloves but wearing gloves to operate, the result was a terrible scene, which made people tremble, but the fresh and tender flowers withered prematurely in the flowering season, which made people feel sad and regretful. In our work, we wore gloves and beat a sledgehammer because we were afraid of foaming in our hands. Similar accidents happened when we hit our legs and feet. So don't underestimate a pair of labor insurance gloves, let alone ignore their existence, their role is not small, you must wear them when you should wear them, and don't wear them when you shouldn't! 1. In our daily work, the most easily overlooked labor protection products are labor protection gloves. Labor insurance gloves include rubber, canvas, cotton, leather, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, etc. Different positions are equipped with different gloves, each of which has its own purpose. I believe that we have accumulated a lot in the toolbox or home of each of us. In fact, in terms of giving out a pair of gloves per person per month, it is not enough at work, but we still have surplus. This shows that most of us must have violated the operating procedures and failed to use labor gloves correctly. It was not worn as required when it was time to wear it. 2. Indeed, sometimes it is inconvenient and inflexible to work with gloves. It’s better to work with bare hands. But because we don’t wear gloves when we work without gloves, small things such as scratching the flesh and hurting the bones happen. Everyone has suffered such minor injuries, including accidents involving loss of fingers or even arms. So I advise everyone not to wear gloves because they find it troublesome and obstructive, and don’t think of them when the hands are injured and bleeding. Only by protecting our hands can we create more wealth and happiness.
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