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kitchen tile flooring

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-03
There are many types of kitchen tile floors that one can imagine.
There are traditional vinyl, felt, laminate, and exotic touches like pebble tiles, stones, pressed clay.
Do-can install a lotit-yourself-er (DIY-er)
, But it may take quite a high skill to finish successfully.
The price is no object, there are certain pros and cons for each kitchen tile floor application.
Skill level for DIY in tile, quarry tile, Cobblestone tile and stone field --
Er, it should be intermediate to professional.
A thin layer of glue is required for installation, called thin glue, and then after the material is placed, grouting is carried out to fill the space between the stones.
The advantage of this kitchen tile floor is that there are many styles, colors and patterns to choose from.
This tile is durable.
Glazed tiles are resistant to dyeing and do not require special cleaning treatment or other maintenance.
Sweeping and mopping the floor is everything you need to bring it back to a brand new look.
Suitable for radiant heat.
The disadvantage of this kitchen tile floor is that there is no texture and it can be slippery, which can pose a safety hazard to the elderly or children at home.
If there is no glaze, it may need to be treated with solvent occasionally.
Individual tiles may be fragmented or cracked over time and need to be replaced.
The homeowner needs an additional purchase in this case to match the tile.
Another category of kitchen tile QinGe bamboo flooring is vinyl, felt, laminate, board and GroutVinyl tiles.
All of this is to look not like them.
There are standard and inlaid options for vinyl.
The standard uses a concave printing process to print the texture and color between the transparent top layer and the foam vinyl core.
The inlaid vinyl is just the color and the texture is part of the core of the tile.
This process makes the tiles more tightly and durable.
Vinyl is waterproof and offers nonewax coating.
It also feels comfortable when walking or standing.
The change in vinyl is laminated material that looks like wood, rock, marble, etc. grout-
Vinyl tiles and felt.
All of these options can be done with DIY
Er, but in all cases, certain skills are required to apply, except for stripping and placing vinyl.
The advantage of using this kitchen tile floor is the endless selection of colors, patterns and simulations.
Don\'t worry about water discoloration.
There was little maintenance except cleaning and mopping.
Resistant to wear and stains from pets and children.
The disadvantage of this kitchen tile floor is that in order to avoid staining, it needs to clean up the spills immediately.
The surface is dirty and not dirty.
If improperly installed under as few seams as possible, it may peel off.
The surface is sensitive to dents for cone-shaped objects that are abused or constantly using the surface of the tile.
The choice of tile QinGe bamboo flooring in the kitchen is almost endless.
Budget and skill level for DIY, whether it\'s new construction or renovation-
Er will decide which of the many options will be selected.
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