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king platform bed from 2x4\'s and plywood

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-09
The purpose of this manual is to build a King platform bed using 2x4 and plywood.
The bed will go into a small bedroom and in order for everything to fit comfortably, the platform bed must be no larger than the mattress.
As the closet space is also limited, the bed will include 4 drawers for additional storage.
The total cost of this building is about $100, including drawer slides that I ordered online but have not yet used. (11)
2x4x8 \'building Wood (1)
5/8 \"BCX plywood at least 4\' x4 \'(2)
OSB 1/2 \"4\'x 8\' single (1)
1/2 \"pin Rod (Optional)
Construction screw 2 1/2 \"pocket hole screw 7 2x4\" at 3 \"72 \"-
This resulted in 7 72 and 7 24
Use the 24 \"scrap, cut 11 11\" 2x4 of the second step.
The seventh 24 \"board in step 2 can be set aside for later use.
Reduce four 2x4 to 78 \"this produces 78 of four 2x4\" and 18 of four 2x4 \"-
Adjust the rip fence on your desk to 3 1/4 \"-
Remove 1/4 from each of the following 2x4 \"as shown in the figure (7)72\", (4)78\", (11)11\"-
Adjust the tear fence on your desk to 3 \"-
Remove 1/4 \"from the opposite side of each 2x4 listed above \". -
The rate of return for this step is :(7)
1 1/2 \"x 3\" x 72 \",(4)
1 1/2 \"x 3\" x 78 \",(11)
1 1/2 \"x 3\" x 11 \"-Out of your (7)
The 72 \"board selects the best two boards to use in the exposed part of the bed and leaves the remaining five as mattress brackets. -
Now is a good time to clean up the scrap pile (pictured)
It\'s time to gather! I pre-
Drill holes and countersunk head 3 \"screws for the assembly, screw the plates together from the top and bottom edges.
If these holes are bothering you, they can easily be filled with pins and a bit of glue. -
You can install plywood at all 8 openings, but I chose four openings for the drawer to be installed later. -
I have used 1/2 \"x 1/2\" router bits in multiple channels to make the slots 5/8 \"deep\" and 1/2 \"wide \". -
Square the corners with a hand chisel so that the plywood can be installed in place. -
Cut plywood to fit the groove we cut in the previous step. -
If you install four panels instead of eight like me, you need to cut (2)
Panel 32 1/2 \"x 12\" and (2)
Panel 23 \"x 12 \"-
Apply glue beads and tap the panel in place. -
1 \"brad nails-
Cut one of the scrap steel 2x4 into 16 \"-
Cut 2x4x16 into two angle brackets 1 1/2x16-
Clip the side frame and the front frame together and use the above and (16)2 inch screws-
The top of the corner brace should be just 1/2 below the top edge of the panel, which creates the ledge that the OSB panel will be located on. -
Use your table and tear one of 1 1/2x3x72 into 2 1 1/2x72-
Shorten 1 Block 1/2x1 1/2x72 board 69 \"-
With 2 \"screws, mount the 69\" plate on the front panel, just 1/2 from the top edge, which will support the platform at the foot of our bed. -
Cut two 1/2x27 1/2 plates from the other 72 plates.
Leave scrap from this board for use in Step 14. -
These 2 inch screws are installed on the top of the rear side plate of the bed using 2 inch screws, which will support 2 rear mattress brackets.
Connect the two rear mattress brackets to the 27 1/2 \"board you installed in the previous step.
The spacing I use for the mattress holder is about 18 1/2 in the center.
* To build a better bed, skip the whole step and secure the front mattress bracket on the side panel using about 1/2 of the steel horn. -
Cut 4 plates 3/4 \"x 1 1/2\" x 8 \"using scrap in step 12 \"-
As shown in the figure, drill 3 holes in each hole
Remember our 18 1/2 \"center spacing\" and connect this 8 \"bracket to the side panel using 2 1/2\" Kreg pocket hole screws.
I used pocket hole screws because the flat bottom of the screw head is unlikely to split these small plates. -
As shown in the figure, drill 4 pocket holes on the remaining 1 1/2x3x72 \"mattress holder. -
Place the last two mattress brackets on the ones we have installed above. -
Connect with 2 1/2 \"Kreg pocket hole screws (2)
Front mattress holder for side panel.
At this point, your component should look like the image above. -
After making sure the frame is square, you should find that you need plywood to cover the top of the measuring 72 \"x 76\"
After verifying that the mattress holder will fall directly under the seam, cut off two sheets of 1/2 \"OSB to 38\" x72. -
I am going to make four drawers and put this bed in separate instructions, however, since I am going to dye the bed, I would like to prepare the front of the drawer and dye it while dyeing the bed. -
The opening size of the drawer is 11 \"H x 22\" W-
I know I\'m going to apply 1/8 \"thick\" edges to all the edges of the plywood, I know I want to have a gap of about 1/4 applied straps around the drawers after the edges are sealed, so that it can adapt well to the opening. -
According to this plan, I put my (4)
Drawer front to 10 1/4 \"x 21 1/4 \"-
The edges I used were made from thin cracks removed from the original 2x4 to produce a 1/2 \"x3\" stock.
Basically, the border strip is not suitable for other purposes except for lighting. -
As shown in the picture, I tied the edges a little long and polished smoothly.
I found it better to take the bed apart and get each part dirty separately, also, I need to take the bed apart and get it into my house.
I only stained the bed with a plain wax water-based stain and applied 3 layers of Plain wax water-based polyurethane between the second and third layers with 800 sandpaper.
There is no need to stain or seal the internal parts that cannot be seen, but the side and end plates and the sides of the front of the drawer should be carried out simultaneously.
Looking back, the bed could be 2 inch higher than I wanted and I\'m a 5\'9 year old short guy and I can get on and off normally, but it\'s a little higher than my previous setup. -
When the spare time suddenly appears, the drawer appears because the bed is now available. -
It is also worth noting that the rough surface of OSB does cause some annoyance when changing sheets, and I may also need time to apply a layer of Poly to these boards. -
If I was going to do this project again, I would also put the 45 * angle at the end of the footboard as the mattress is naturally round around the corner and the bed is a solid 90 * angle.
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