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It is the purpose of Baicheng to eliminate the inferior quality of cotton and wool gloves.

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-19
As the name suggests, cotton wool gloves have protective functions. For the safety of workers, workers can protect their hands and even their lives when they encounter dangers at work. In order to cope with inspections, it is really irritating for companies to use low-quality and cheap cotton gloves for workers. The country has strict regulations on cotton wool gloves. Those that do not meet the standards are not allowed to be used. However, some companies ignore the relevant regulations and ignore the protection and disregard of workers. They are not even willing to produce a pair of good quality cotton gloves. It should also be understood that such cheap labor gloves are very dangerous. Workers cannot be protected in real situations. Even if the company only talks about benefits, it cannot be done from simple economic considerations. If workers are in danger, how can the company’s responsibility be solved by the price of a pair of cotton gloves? It must be borne in accordance with the 'Labor Law.' Responsible, and even if the enterprise compensates again, the loss to the workers is irreversible. www.sdbcst.com
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