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Introduction of commonly used boards for decoration_shanghai chuangji board brand manufacturer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-05
The decoration is naturally inseparable from the main materials of woodworking materials: blockboard, integrated board, Wood panel product, density board, veneer and other boards. What is the role of these wood boards with different names in home decoration?

Blockboard: good moisture-proof effect, can not be painted directly. The middle of the blockboard is a core made of glued natural wood strips, with very thin veneer glued on both sides, which is one of the most important materials in the decoration. It can be used to make furniture, wooden doors and door covers, heating covers, curtain boxes, etc. It has good waterproof performance. When selecting, look at its internal wood, it should not be too shredded, and blockboard with a gap of about 3mm between the woods is appropriate. Because the exposed wood grain on the surface is not beautiful, it is seldom painted directly, and veneer plywood is usually attached. Furniture and other woodware made with it have to go through the two processes of using glued boards and painting, and the cost is higher.

Integrated board: not easy to deform. This is a new kind of solid wood material, which is made of high-quality imported large-diameter logs and is made of wood panels that are staggered and spliced u200bu200blike fingers. Due to different processes, this board has superior environmental performance, which is 1/8 of the allowable formaldehyde content of blockboard. On the other hand, this kind of board made of American spruce and other solid wood can be directly painted and painted, which saves a process compared with blockboard.

MDF has worse nail holding power than Wood panel product. Wood panel product is natural wood crushed into granules and pressed into boards. It is currently the main material for cabinets. MDF is formed by pressing powdered wood chips, with good flatness, but poor moisture resistance. In contrast, MDF has a weaker nail-holding force than Wood panel products. If the screws are loosened after tightening, the MDF is not strong enough to be fixed again, so it is rarely used for cabinets.

Three plywood veneer: easy and cheap. Multilayer boards are also called plywood and plywood. Different layers are called differently. The quality of it depends on the raw material. Nowadays, the decorative three plywood is mainly used in home improvement, that is, the very thin solid wood veneer has been pasted on the three plywood in the factory. The facing three plywood is easy to use and the price is cheap.

Precautions for choosing sheet material

First of all, it depends on whether it is environmentally friendly. According to regulations, the formaldehyde emission of indoor building materials must be less than or equal to 1.5 mg per liter. If it exceeds 5 mg per liter, it is substandard.

Secondly, it depends on the moisture content of wood. When the moisture content of wood is higher than the equilibrium moisture content of the environment, the wood will dry and shrink, otherwise it will absorb moisture and expand. The main reason for wood cracking and deformation is that the moisture content is too high or too low.

Finally, don't just look for cheap when you buy. The materials sold at low prices are usually shoddy materials and seriously exceeding the standard of formaldehyde. You should buy them in the regular market. It is best to buy branded boards.

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