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Introduction of artificial board types_shanghai chuangji board manufacturer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-08
Panels are divided into solid wood and man-made panels, and man-made panels are more common. Wood panel product, density board, fiberboard, solid wood particle board, finger joint board, ecological board, etc. You must have heard one or two of these terms. Below, we will list the common types of man-made boards to facilitate everyone's understanding and choice.

Wood panel product

Wood panel product is the shaving material (such as wood shavings, flax shavings, bagasse, etc.) made by cutting wood processing residues, small diameter wood, sawdust, etc. into fragments of a certain specification or non-wood plants (such as wood shavings, flax shavings, bagasse, etc.) after drying and mixing A man-made board made of rubber, hardener, waterproofing agent, etc., under certain temperature and pressure.


Density board, also called fiberboard, is made by immersing wood, tree technology and other objects in water and then hot grinding, paving, and hot pressing. It is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber and applied with urea-formaldehyde resin or Artificial boards made of other applicable adhesives.

Wood panel product and MDF are two relatively large categories. At present, the panels used in custom furniture basically belong to these two categories. In the future, I will compare various advantages and disadvantages in detail.


The full name is medium-density fiberboard, which is obviously one of the above-mentioned density boards (fiberboards). Density boards are divided into low-density boards, medium-density boards, and high-density boards according to different densities. MDF, also known as MDF, is often used as a base material for custom furniture; high-density board is the base material for laminate flooring.

Solid wood particle board

Solid wood particle board is also called homogeneous Wood panel product, and its scientific name is Oriented Strand Board (OSB). It is a kind of Wood panel product with improved craftsmanship. It is a kind of small-diameter wood, thinning wood, wood core, board bark, branch wood, etc. as raw materials, through special equipment to process and grow a certain specification of length, width and thickness of shavings. After drying, sizing and special equipment, the surface core layer is shaving It is a kind of man-made board that is formed by hot pressing after crisscrossing and directional paving. It has better nail holding power, bending resistance and stability than ordinary Wood panel products.

Ou Song Board

Is it a plank made of European pine? NO! In fact, it is a homogeneous Wood panel product. Have you seen the abbreviation of solid wood particle board? OSB. Of course, the homogeneous Wood panel product made from European pine wood can also be translated into Ou pine board. The solid wood particle board is also the translated name that has been beautified by the merchants, which makes the layperson feel as if it is solid wood and instantly improves the grade.

Moisture-proof board

In the production process of Wood panel product, moisture-proof particles or moisture-proof agent are added to become moisture-proof Wood panel product, or moisture-proof board for short. Because this kind of moisture-proof particles is green, some illegal manufacturers use this concept and become a tool for many inferior Wood panel products to cover up internal impurities. Add green dye inside the wood panel product to produce the so-called green-based wood panel product.

Melamine board

Melamine board, abbreviated as melamine board, English name MFC, full name is melamine impregnated adhesive film paper veneer wood-based panel. It is a decorative board made of paper with different colors or textures soaked in melamine resin adhesive, then dried to a certain degree of curing, and then spread on the surface of Wood panel product, MDF, etc., and then formed by hot pressing.

That's right, it's the melamine of Sanlu milk powder, which is not good for milk powder, but it can be abrasion-resistant, heat-resistant, acid and alkali resistant when used on the surface of the board. In fact, a small amount of adult intake can also be excreted by the kidneys. Infants caused the Sanlu incident due to large amounts of intake and imperfect kidney function. Besides, we won’t eat furniture even if we are hungry?

There are many other names such as ecological board, double veneer board, imperial board, fireproof board and so on. In fact, it basically refers to melamine board based on Wood panel product and MDF.

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