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Introduce the classification and knowledge of protective gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-13
(1) Source of production: gloves are people in daily life, work, certain sports, certain activities, special environments, special operations, and special jobs, which can protect their hands and skin from harm. The second is a kind of beautiful decorative gloves and artistic gloves in people's lives, from which people have created various types of human-use gloves.   (2) Glove materials: The materials used are usually: rubber, latex, artificial rubber, artificial leather, cloth, functional fabrics, certain animal skins, special metals, plastics, certain chemical materials, and other raw materials.   (3) Glove name: There are many names of gloves, usually named according to glove material, named according to glove craft, named according to glove purpose, named according to glove function, and named according to regional ethnic dialect. ⑴ Named based on materials such as: latex gloves, rubber gloves, jersey gloves, cotton wool gloves, cotton gloves, canvas gloves, fleece gloves, cowhide gloves, pigskin gloves, PVC gloves, liquid gloves ⑵ Named based on processes such as dipping Gloves, hanging rubber gloves, knitted gloves, embroidered gloves, invisible gloves (3) Named according to the purpose: welding gloves, welding gloves, etiquette gloves, ski gloves, aerospace gloves, guard gloves, labor gloves, protective gloves, work gloves, boxing gloves, Microwave oven gloves (4) are named according to their functions such as: high temperature resistant gloves, warm gloves, acid and alkali resistant gloves, oil resistant gloves, non-slip gloves, welding gloves, flame retardant gloves (5) named according to dialects such as: yarn gloves, thread gloves (named according to materials Cotton yarn gloves), labor insurance gloves, protective gloves, work gloves, labor insurance gloves, protective gloves, work gloves ①Working gloves: people call the gloves used in work labor insurance gloves, which is a general and comprehensive name. Many people misunderstand that A kind of glove.  ② Protective gloves: People call protective gloves that can protect hands from injury. It is also a generalized name. Many people also misunderstand that it is a kind of glove.  ③ Work gloves: gloves that can be used in daily work. People call them work gloves. In fact, they are also a comprehensive name. Many people also misunderstand that they are a kind of glove. (4) Glove use: The purpose of the glove is not elaborated here. Simply put, it is to protect the skin of human gloves from damage, human beauty decoration, and art sharing. (5) Glove price and quality: usually based on gloves Depending on the material and production process, some are priced according to the level, such as special grade, first grade, second grade, third grade, inferior product, or A grade, B grade, C grade, and general grade one (A grade) is the quality
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