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innovative flooring at trade show booths attract visitors

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-14
When you plan the design of your trade show display, it is important to see your trade show booth floor as your fifth wall.
The floor of your trade show booth should always be added--and enhance--
The environment of your trade show.
In fact, the floor of your choice can add a third dimension to your trade show booth.
When Chicago is full-
Print footprints in color digital-in-
The sand on their trade show carpet is the starting point for the \"follow me\" tour of the Chicago area, making their booth 3D.
The footprints of their realityin-
Beach carpet graphics attract visitors to follow the footprints shown on the wall of the trade show booth that lead to Lake Michigan.
Exploring the terrain of Chicago and its surrounding areas is a smart way.
Imaginative trade show floors can create 3D trade show booths with floors that use footprints, rails and other devices that stimulate visual effects.
Use creative floor graphics to enhance the look of your trade show booth.
By adding imaginative carpet concepts to your trade show, you will be able to successfully update the look of your existing trade show booth.
In addition, the striking floor design can be used as a lighthouse, inviting visitors to watch the featured products that take up the attention
Reach the floor destination.
Materials used in modern flooring are now easier to use and transport.
New lightweight and durable QinGe bamboo flooring materials can be rolled up as easily as a carpet.
The interlocking floors are very portable to meet the needs of small and large trade show exhibitors.
New 10 wide carpet panel, flexible floor panel, pre-
Measuring pads with wheels and carpet bags, trade show flooring are assembled faster, easy to disassemble, and less costly to transport.
Today\'s trade show booth floor concept offers more options than ever before-
From solid color or specifically dyed carpets, mosaics and signs to flexible floors that look like stone, metal, fabric, or solid wood.
Consider adding a company logo or brand name when displaying the floor to create and enhance your brand impression.
The application of border design, custom inlay and carpet carving can greatly increase the quality of the decoration of your trade show booth.
According to Dave Walens, president of Brumark QinGe bamboo flooring solutions, based in Marietta, Georgia, for today\'s trade show exhibitors, there are many smart and flexible innovations in flooring.
Walens mentioned that a new innovation is the plastic tile overhead floor, a floor that is quickly installed and a way to easily level the floor of the trade show booth.
It has the advantage that, under your trade fair exhibition, you can manage electrical, plumbing and air easily and effectively without being threatened by damage or inconvenience to large carpets.
System-integrated transport pallets make packaging, loading and unloading fast and simple.
The raised floor is also pleasing to the eye, and the slightly raised surface can enhance the decoration of the trade show booth.
Rubber flooring can be used in areas with severe wear.
The durability, flexibility, safety, comfort, smoothness and aesthetic appeal of the rubber floor make it an attractive choice for indoor and outdoor floor applications.
The liner can also provide comfort to the trade show booth attendants who stand for a long time.
Visitors often notice the extra buff and comment with appreciation to the trade show exhibition host.
Walens added that in addition to the trade show flooring materials, trade show exhibitors must also pay attention to carpet accessories such as adhesive tape, transparent plastic sheets, which are used to protect the carpet from damage, flat extension lines with bright ends, can eliminate the bumps under the carpet or floor.
Whether you consider setting up a trade show booth at McCormick Convention Center in Chicago, Kaiser Convention Center in Auckland, Moscone Center in San Francisco, it works, santa Clara Convention Center or San Jose Museum convention center keep in mind when trade show exhibitors think-of-the-
For their trade show booths, they often think about signs hanging overhead.
However, if you properly incorporate your trade show floor into the design of the trade show presentation, you can also get a successful presentation experience by providing the underlying appeal to your trade show booth visitors
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