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Identification of high-end plywood_shanghai chuangji wood-based panel manufacturer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-05
Wood panel product, also known as solid wood particle board, is a wood-based panel made of fast-growing wood, thinned wood and wood residues through shaving, drying, mixing, auxiliary packaging, and hot pressing. Wood panel products currently on the market are divided into two types: flat pressing line and laminated line.

Flat pressing line: It is a large flat plate produced from the plate, which can be cut into small plates; the advantages of the production line are large output, stable performance, and low energy consumption; the disadvantage is that the investment is large and the product price is high.

Laminating line: As the name suggests, it is produced by layered equipment; generally there are 16 layers, 18 layers, 22 layers, 24 layers, and 28 layers. There are as many sheets as there are as many layers as they are formed at a time. The advantage is that the investment is small and the product is cost-effective; the disadvantage is that the on-board indicators are biased and the energy consumption is higher. For products on the market, due to different machinery and equipment, different raw materials, and different product positioning, the final product quality will also be different.

What kind of Wood panel product is good?

First of all, the raw materials should be good. The raw materials used in the production are all shavings processed by a flaker, with appropriate moisture content, and the trees are peeled and free of impurities. The high-quality raw materials are eucalyptus, pine and other wood. Chuangji's production plant is located in Guangxi, and the raw material of Chuangji's products is eucalyptus.

The second is equipment and production technology; the main equipment of Wood panel product is flaker, drying, glue mixing, auxiliary equipment, hot pressing, sanding, etc. The production volume of wood panel products in my country has reached 26 million cubic meters per year, so the equipment and technology are very mature. However, good equipment cannot produce good boards, and it is common; ordinary equipment to produce high-quality products is also normal. Therefore, the quality of each factory is closely related to the company's market positioning. The key is human operation and positioning; it is good to meet your needs and meet the functions of the product. There is no best product, only better pursuit. Of course, sophisticated mechanical equipment and superb production technology are also necessary conditions for a good product.

The third is the product. A good board should have a smooth and clean surface, uniform density, and be able to meet all the requirements of secondary finishes. It has high-quality properties such as no impurities, no deformation, and easy sawing; it should be judged from the appearance Achieve: one signboard surface is flat and free of impurities, the color is consistent, the core layer of the board should have shavings and the auxiliary equipment should be uniform, the fine surface layer should be thin, and the four corners should be at right angles to prevent the shavings from falling; The surface should be smooth and flat. The appearance of the good board looks very natural and comfortable.

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