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How to solve the phenomenon of hard work gloves after washing

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-11
I wonder if you have such a situation? Sometimes our cleaned gloves will appear stiff, which will make us uncomfortable wearing them, especially the labor gloves, which will wear hands when stiff, so effective measures must be taken. What are the methods? Let's take a look with Baicheng Gloves! The first thing to do is to clean the dirt on the gloves. Mix a bucket of cold water, salt, and mild soap evenly, gently wash the cotton gloves in the water, and rub the dirt with your fingers. Rinse after cleaning, gently squeeze the work gloves to overflow the water. Then put each finger on an old-fashioned clothespin to prevent deformation of the fingers of the work glove. Secondly, find a cool place when drying, air-dry the gloves, massage or knead the softened work gloves to keep the gloves soft. Continue to knead, kneading the gloves every few hours until they are completely dry. In this way, cleaning cotton gloves will not appear stiff and uncomfortable to wear. This method seems to be troublesome, but the effect is relatively good, so you can refer to and try.
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