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how to select laminate wood flooring - free article ...

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-24

Laminate wood flooring is a fairly new option in the home floor selection.Like natural hardwood floors.The quality has improved in recent years and today\'s materials are very durable and beautiful.Apart from the real hardwood floors, it is difficult to distinguish them.Most major manufacturers produce these floors, including Armstrong laminate QinGe bamboo flooring, Manning ton flooring, Shaw laminate flooring, and Bruce flooring.For laminate flooring, you have a wide range of styles and color options.There are styles for imitation natural hardwood floors or tiles to choose from.From light to darker shades, each has a wood style.Choose dark shades for the formal environment.Keep in mind that dark colors make the room look smaller, while light colors make the space look bigger.Most flooring shops and home improvement centers have laminate flooring.Discount floors can be found in stores or on the Internet.Once you have decided on the color and style of the flooring material you want, you can start shopping around for the best price.If you are doing a very small room, look for the rest of the material.Sometimes these can be in a smaller amount at an affordable price.The laminate is not attached to the floor below.These are also called floating floors.The slats are designed with tongue and groove.The Batten is connected by sliding the tongue into the groove.They are placed together with special adhesives made for laminate flooring.These floors can be installed on old wood, tiles, or vinyl floors.You will need to remove the carpet and padding before installation.After removal, make sure the concrete or wood floor is flat before starting the installation.You can hire a professional to install the floor for you or do the job yourself.The installation is fairly simple and a normal size room can be completed on weekends.For larger areas, you may want to leave your work when you are on vacation.Your floor will cost more if you choose a professional installation.However, if you are not convenient around the house or have no time, you may find that this extra fee is worth it.Please read the manufacturer\'s instructions before cleaning the new floor.To remove dirt and debris, use a broom or vacuum cleaner.If the floor gets very dirty, you can clean it with a slightly damp mop.In addition to that, care is rarely needed.The floor does not need to be waxed due to the laminated finish.Only very little water.Too much water can damage the laminated coating on the surface of the floor.Soaking the floor will damage the backing of the paper.It is unhealthy that moisture can be trapped under laminate material, damage the floor, or cause the growth of the mold.Therefore, these floors are not the best choice for bathroom use.In this room, the moisture will build up and damage the floor in the long run.
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