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how to reseal slate flooring

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-29
Slate QinGe bamboo flooring is a traditional QinGe bamboo flooring style made of natural stone.
It is considered quite eco-friendly.
Friendly because it is mined and not manufactured.
It is also a form of QinGe bamboo flooring that has been used for hundreds of years and is very durable.
The slate floor, however, is a porous material, so it gets dirty if it is not sealed.
For this reason, when the floor is re-laid after the first laying, you should make sure it is sealed
Seal when needed.
In preparation for re-sealing, you first need to remove any old sealing device that is still on the floor.
The whole process can be time.
Consume, but it is necessary to do it correctly in order to protect your floor.
Knowing the fact that the slate is resistant to dirt, sand and dirt can seriously cause stains.
The floor needs to clean any dirt or other particles and it needs to be as clean as possible.
Need to remove any old wax sealer that may already be on the floor.
To do this, you need to apply wax remover on the slate, about 4-foot-by-4-
One square foot.
Once it is allowed to sit for a while, it should be cleaned with a mop and clear water so that the softened wax can be removed.
Once you have completed the entire floor, you can apply for a neutral-
Use the PH slate cleaner for the mop.
This will clean the floor thoroughly and prepare for the new sealing device.
Rinse the floor and let it dry thoroughly for about three days.
The new sealer is used for the re-sealing process and you will need to use the slate sealing device provided by many hardware stores.
You need to pour the sealer into the paint plate and then dip the paint roller into it.
It would be wise to start from the farthest corner of the door and apply a thin layer of sealing to the floor to avoid overflow.
When you coat the whole floor, you need to dry the first coat.
Once done, apply the second coat, but this time, in the opposite direction of the first coat.
Allow the paint to solidify in the next 24 hours.
When all this is done, you will have a dirt resistant slate floor that can last for many years.
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