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how to replace shower wall panels | ehow

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-05
Shower wall panels will last for many years if properly cared.In the end, however, even with the best care, they began to collect rust and become yellow and dirty.Changing the shower wall panel will refresh the whole bathroom.
Buy replacement shower wall panels from local home builder stores.The panel has the full part you hang on the wall.Before installation, all you need to do is measure and cut the panels that fit the position of the shower head, faucet and shelf.
Turn off the main water supply for the shower.Remove the shower faucet and head according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.Use a tool knife to pass through the top edge, bottom edge and Caulker on both sides of the current shower wall panel.
Fix the shower wall in place with a pull-out DingTalk.If the screws hold the walls in place, drive the drill bits with the drill bits and Phillips to put them back in place.Some wall panels have neither nails nor screws, and are fixed in place with adhesive.
Pull the old shower wall panel slowly down the wall to avoid causing great damage.Use 6-scoop some dry wall mudAn inch putty knife.Apply a thin layer of mud in any damaged area.
Let the dry wall mud dry and then smooth it with a sanding sponge.Paint the repaired area with a primer and wait for the primer to dry.Measure the length, width and height of the bathtub.
Transfer these measurements to the decorative pieces provided.Use a hacksaw to cut the trim to the appropriate length.Peel the paper off a piece of decoration.Place it on the seam where the bathtub meets the wall and press it on the wall.
Repeat with the remaining decorative pieces.Hold a 4-On an outside corner of the bathtub, the feet on the wall are flat.Align the horizontal outer edge with the outer edge of the trim.
Position the level so that it starts straight from this point and draw a line of light on the wall.Move the level to another outside corner of the tub and repeat this step.Cut a piece of cardboard into the same size as the shower wall panel, which will be mounted on the tap and shower head.
Place the cardboard on the wall, just like the tile placement, align the outer edges with the pencil line you made in step 5.Use a tool knife to cut the tap and shower head holes from the cardboard.Place the cardboard template on the appropriate shower wall panel.
Trace around the hole with a pencil.
Measure the diameter of the hole.
Use the same diameter hole saw to cut each hole from the shower wall panel.Lift the panel to the wall to check if all the holes are aligned.Put a pipe of building adhesive into the caulking gun.
Some shower wall manufacturers provide you with their own adhesive.Apply a ring of caulking around the edge of the rear wall panel, about 1 inch away from the foam belt.Run the extra beads up and down the back of the shower wall panel.
Tear the paper off the foam tape.
Lift the panel to the wall.
Align the outer edge with the pencil line you made in step 5.Place your hand on the panel and press hard in place.Wall panel before installation--Panel with holes inside.
Apply the caulking like on previous wall panels.Place a continuous caulking bead around each hole, about 1 inch from the edge.Align the outer edge of the panel with a pencil line and press it to the wall.
Measure the distance between the two panels and divide it by two.Transfer this measurement to the bathtub lip on the side wall.Measure the length of the side plate, divided by 2.
Mark this center point at the bottom edge of the side panel.Apply the adhesive to the back of the side panel, just like the first two panels.Peel off the backing of the foam tape.Lift the panel to the wall and tilt the top edge to you.
Align the center line on the panel with the center line on the bathtub.Set the bottom edge in place, then push the panel up to the wall.Rub the panel with your hand and fix it in place.
Install the bathtub faucet and shower head according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.Apply a latex filler at the seams where the wall panels meet each other and at the seams where they meet the bathtub.Fill the beads gently and smoothly with your little finger.

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