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how to remove bathroom wall paneling

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-09
It is simple and difficult to remove the bathroom wall panels.
This largely depends on the type of adhesive used on the panel and the extent to which the panel is still attached to the wall-
It\'s a bit loose if you\'re lucky.
The tools you need are off the shelf, but the project can get a bit confusing and can take hours, especially if your bathroom is large or the paneling is stuck very safely.
Put a piece of cloth on the floor to catch the sundries.
Wear safety glasses, leather work gloves and dust cover.
Start with molding (
If you have this in your paneling).
These are plastic strips or wooden strips on the edges and corners of the panel.
Press your chisel along the molded edge--
Punch a chisel with a mallet or hammer to try to loosen the mold.
Grasp the loose edges of molding and pulling-
Sometimes it falls off in this way.
If not, cut it off the paneling and walls until all molding materials are removed.
Place the chisel on the edge of the panel, where the chisel meets the wall.
Tap the chisel with a hammer or mallet until the chisel blade slides under the paneling.
Now move the chisel to loosen the edge of the panel.
Push the end of the crow bar below the loose edge.
Use the lever to further pull up the panel--
Be careful not to drill the surface of the wall below.
Grab the loose paneling and pull it gently towards you.
If it is loose, continue to pull gently so that the wall material behind it will not be pulled.
If the wall panel is stubborn, use the chisel to loosen the adhesion between the panel and the wall a little bit.
When the panel comes off, you leave the adhesive you may wish to remove.
Ventilation of rooms (
Open doors and windows)
If possible.
If not, please use the lowest
You can find or use the respirator of the painter.
Paint the citrus thick with a brush or roller-based or soy-
Adhesive Remover on the adhesive on the wall.
Waiting for the specified time of product softening adhesive;
It may take a few minutes to several hours.
Remove the adhesive with a scraper, be careful not to drill the wall surface.
Then rinse the wall with water with a wet sponge or towel.
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