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How to prevent white work gloves from fading

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-05
Wood panel products can only be regarded as one of the panels. The use and characteristics of each panel are different. For Wood panel product manufacturers, it is the responsibility of customers to produce high-quality products. Therefore, Qin Ge, a manufacturer of wood panel products in Shanghai, will tell you whether the performance of wood panel products will affect his development.

Generally, formaldehyde-based adhesives are used in the production process of Wood panel products, so the finished product will more or less release free formaldehyde, but when the free formaldehyde content exceeds a certain limit time, it will affect human health. Of course, it is a complicated process to detect the formaldehyde emission of Wood panel products. We can judge the formaldehyde emission of Wood panel products through certain methods. First, stack the unused Wood panel product boards in the cabin. When the doors and windows are closed, they can be stored for a period of time before entering the room for observation. If the smell is pungent, it means that the formaldehyde emission of Wood panel product is small and will not affect our human health when used. If there is a big smell or the feeling of tearing, it means the formaldehyde emission of Wood panel product. It may be higher.

Because our country’s wood resources are very scarce, the development of Wood panel products is very popular, because if everyone has been wasting wood, the development of Wood panel products will follow. Good, so in most cases, the development of Wood panel products is inseparable from our usual use.

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