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How to Open a Wine Bottle With a Two-Step Waiter\'s Corkscrew

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-03
It is essential to be able to open the bottle correctly (
Some people may say the most important thing)
Enjoy a good glass of wine.
There are many different ways to open the bottle with many different tools.
This structure will teach you how to use two correctly-
Unscrew the waiter\'s bottle opener. The two-
Step waiter\'s bottle opener is the preferred bottle opener for the beverage industry, as it is easy to use, plus its small size in the waiter\'s pocket.
Corkscrew contains all the tools needed to properly open the bottle and provide an elegant look when it is opened.
What is required to complete this description :-One (1)
What kind of wine do you use for a bottle of wine doesn\'t matter (
Red, white, red)
As long as it has a cork intended to be opened with a bottle opener. -One (1)two-
Two bottle openers for the waiter-
The step opener series looks like the picture above.
It will have a retractable knife for cutting foil, a bottle opener and a two-step system. -One (1)
You can choose any kind of wine glass (
Stem or no stem)
And should be accompanied by wine of your choice.
Statement: The photo above is a photo after the tin paper is cut off the wine, so that you can clearly see which lip of the bottle to cut.
The waiter\'s bottle opener will have a retractable knife that you can use to cut off the foil on the bottle.
Place the knife under the lips of the bottle NOTabove.
This is mainly for health reasons.
Many bottles can be stored in the cellar for many years, where they can get dirty outside.
It is best to cut the foil far enough from the pouring mouth to avoid polluting the wine when pouring.
Hold the bottle firmly with one hand and apply pressure to the back of the neck with your thumb.
Rotate the bottle and knife in the opposite direction while applying solid pressure to cut the foil off the bottle.
After using the knife once or twice, it is time to remove the foil.
Use your thumb to hold the neck of the bottle opposite the knife.
Peel the foil up and away from the bottle using scratch motion.
Once you fully separate the foil from the bottle, complete the removal of the top with your hand.
If necessary, use a clean napkin to remove any miscellaneous foil that is still left in the cut part or near the cork.
Hold the bottle firmly with one hand and use the other hand to lean the tip of the cork screw against the center of the cork.
When the downward pressure is applied to make the Cork start to enter the cork, tighten the Cork slowly.
Continue to screw the cork into the cork and be careful to let the cork move down the center rather than towards the side of the bottle.
If you push the cork too far to the side of the bottle, you may break the cork.
Continue to screw the cork into the cork until about 1 (1)twist remains.
The reason for squeezing a twisted part of the bottle stopper screw out of the bottle stopper is to not completely pass the metal through the bottle stopper.
Doing so will push the Cork residue into the wine and pollute the wine.
Place the first step of corkscrew on the lips of the bottle.
Apply enough pressure with one hand and pry the cork out of the bottle with the first step as the fulcrum.
Be careful not to bend the cork too badly and possibly break it.
All you need to do is start pulling out the cork from the bottle and not need more than half of the cork in this step.
Now set the second step of corkscrew to the lip of the bottle.
Using these two steps can make it easier to remove the cork and reduce the chance of breakage.
Use the second step in a way similar to the first step, and again be very careful not to break the cork.
Once corkscrew makes the most of its potential, just pull the corkscrew-
A combination of Cork taken out of the bottle.
Twist the cork off the Cork and be careful not to break it.
If you don\'t finish this bottle, you will want to have another drink.
Plug it up and keep it fresh.
When doing this, be careful not to poke yourself with the sharp points of the bottle opener.
Look at the Cork to make sure there is no damage during storage.
Signs of damage include: cracks on the side of the cork, the height of a wine, it can be seen that it has absorbed the length of 1 out of 3 of the cork, mold, or other signs of deterioration
If the cork is acceptable, pour a little into your cup.
Pour a small amount of wine (
Small Mouth is enough)
In your cup, rotate it to test its fragrance.
You will want to test your nose (smell)
Ensure the freshness of the wine.
If your wine smells wet leaves, mold, or mildew, your wine will deteriorate.
It will be a very unique scent that you will know when your wine changes.
If you happen to have this experience unfortunately, return your wine immediately and get a refund.
Put the cork back into the bottle to keep it fresh and the bacteria are not allowed to enter.
I personally stuffed the cork into the bottle because it was easier.
The top of the cork has no expansion of wine, so it is easier to slide into the bottle.
How to re-seal the bottle is completely your choice.
There are many products on the market that can re-seal and vacuum seal the bottle.
Any one of these options is feasible and actually depends on personal preference.
You just learned how to properly open a bottle of wine with two bottles of wine
Bottle opener for the waiter.
You\'re on your way to life.
Love of wine.
As always, keep in mind safety when using these sharp items, and comply with all laws and age regulations when enjoying wine.
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