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How to maintain cotton wool gloves in the hot summer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-10
In the twinkling of an eye, the scorching summer is approaching. For people working outdoors, the maintenance and correct use of cotton wool gloves are very necessary. Cotton wool gloves should be regarded as a kind of daily necessities frequently used in our lives. They have brought great help to our production and life. However, labor protection gloves also need to be maintained. manufacturers remind us to pay attention to the following two aspect. Sun protection. Often exposure to the sun will not only fade on the surface, but also greatly reduce the service life of these items. It is not only that we are afraid of ultraviolet radiation. For these labor protection gloves, they also need to be sunscreened, usually after use. They are placed in a cool place, not in a place exposed to the sun. Taking these sun protection measures can protect them well, increase their life span, and let them create greater economic benefits for us. Clean. For white cotton gloves, do not come in contact with items that are difficult to clean, such as carbon ink. After cleaning the labor gloves of this color, apply toothpaste or white chalk powder. Pay attention to evenly dry to prevent discoloration. Or find two pieces of clean white paper and cover them, dry them, and tear them off. It can also prevent discoloration. www.sdbcst.com Baicheng Textile Co., Ltd. Du Manager 13954870080
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