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How to judge whether Taian work gloves are resistant to high temperature?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-09
Labor protection glove manufacturers use cotton as the material of Taian work gloves, which can protect the gloves from high and low temperatures. It is often used to make low-cost high-temperature gloves or low-temperature gloves. The second is the skin, if it is kept dry, it has good low temperature resistance, and its non-melting and non-combustible characteristics make it often used to make welding gloves. The inside of the ceremonial gloves is in direct contact with the hand, and it is easy to adhere to sweat. If left untreated, it is easy to make the gloves smelly and moldy. In order to affect the second use, the following are instructions on how to clean work gloves. Sweaty cotton should not be washed at high temperatures, because the protein in the sweat will solidify and adhere to the fibers to form a macula. White, no high temperature water, no sweat. Cotton protective gloves should not be exposed to the sun and should be dried in a cool and ventilated place. Gloves are more resistant to high temperatures during ironing, and can be ironed at a temperature of 200°C. Adding some salt when immersed in water can not only prevent the fading of labor gloves, but also make the color bright and lasting. Cotton work gloves shrink. Newly purchased labor gloves must be soaked in warm water at 40-50 degrees Celsius, then dried, and ironed with an iron after 90% drying. When cleaning gloves, salt or white vinegar can be added to soak, and a small amount of alum can be added to high-end products. The washing temperature depends on the color of Taian work gloves. Under normal circumstances, the washing temperature is 40-50℃, and the light and dark water temperature should not be too high.
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