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how to install a dell laptop motherboard – removing the cpu, pc card cage, and motherboard screws

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-06
The next item that needs to be removed to remove the CPU is the CPU of the laptop.
This is installed on the motherboard under the radiator.
To remove it, you must remove the radiator first.
In the example model, there are four compression screws that press the radiator.
There can be more or less in other models, but the principle is the same.
Because of how these pressure screws work, it is better not to simply start removing them.
As you can see, they are always numbered in the order in which they should be published.
Another thing to keep in mind, however, is that if you release a screw completely, it is possible for others to cross
Larger thread.
I suggest you release only half of the screws at a time and go back and unscrew them. Usually 3-
The screwdriver turns about half the screw.
After the screw is released, grab the edge and lift it from the radiator.
Precautions for other models: some higher models
The technical model of the Dell laptop will also install a radiator on the graphics card.
This happens in a similar way.
If you have any questions about what needs to be removed from the motherboard for replacement and which does not need to be replaced, just look at your replacement board for comparison.
Under the radiator, you will find the CPU.
Before removing it from the socket, you first need to use a flat head screwdriver to turn the release latch (
See the picture on the left).
Once released, grab the edge of the CPU and lift it directly from the socket.
Put it in a very safe place with the pin facing up.
Don\'t touch the pin.
If you have a spare anti-static package, it\'s time to make good use of it.
When you put the CPU into a new socket later, there will be a corresponding mark on the socket and CPU-a small triangle in a corner.
This means that there is no corner pin, allowing you to align the CPU correctly.
Without marking, you can visually confirm the location of the \"lost\" pin.
The last thing that usually has to be removed from the Dell laptop motherboard before replacing it is PCMCIA (
Sometimes called Empty card or PC Card)cage.
The appearance and connection of these devices varies depending on the motherboard model.
In addition to being tightened, there are also some inserted into the motherboard.
The others are just a glorious stand that allows the PC card to be inserted directly into the motherboard.
In our example model case, the latter is correct.
Before removing the motherboard, you first need to unscrew and remove the PC card housing. There are 4-
Although this number may change a lot, 5 screws fix this down.
Once screwed, just pull the case up and put it on one side.
We need to unscrew the motherboard from the chassis, but certainly not the least.
This is the last step, but not as simple as it sounds.
Normally, the screws that have to be released will have a white triangle mark in order to remove the motherboard.
These marks do not exist in some models, such as the Inspiron 1501.
I finally found two screws that had to be released to remove the motherboard, as shown in the following figure.
However, these two screws are not all needed to remove the motherboard.
These Dell laptops occasionally use the asinine design where the VGA port connector screws act as the motherboard screws.
These must be removed before the motherboard can be.
The easiest way to remove these screws is to use the hex sleeve screw cutter head.
If you don\'t, you can turn the screw with a pin clamp and finish the disassembly with your thumb.
Once fully screwed, all you have to do is gently lift the motherboard from the laptop case.
Put it in a counter. static bag.
Put everything together and I\'m not going to put your laptop with every step of the way with the newly installed motherboard as it\'s just redundant.
All you have to do is perform these steps in the opposite order.
Where there may be confusion, I am sure you have noticed what I do occasionally at this stage.
Be sure to follow these steps-you don\'t want to miss anything!
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