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How to improve the quality of plywood manufacturers

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-09
The rapid development of wood panel products in recent decades has been loved by various fields, such as: good dimensional stability, suitable for manufacturing furniture; high-strength impact-resistant packaging boxes, and so on.

Qin Ge analyzes how to improve the quality of Wood panel products from the following points:

(1) Thickness deviation

A lot of research results and production experience show that if Wood panel products are used in mechanized furniture, regardless of whether surface decoration processing is required, the thickness deviation should not exceed ±0.3mm. For Wood panel products that require impregnated paper veneers, plastic film veneers and thin wood veneers, the thickness deviation requirements are more stringent, that is, the deviation value within a board is not more than ±0.2mm.

(2) Surface quality

Surface quality is a very important and important feature for wood panel products for furniture. The surface quality of the so-called Wood panel product includes surface roughness, surface peel strength, surface porosity and absorption capacity, surface PH value, hardness, color and so on.

(3) Elastic modulus and strength

It is generally believed that Wood panel products used on furniture do not require high static flexural strength and planar tensile strength. This is also continuously summarized from experience. The British think that the plain board used for veneer or plastic veneer veneer is sufficient for its static bending strength of 16N/mm2; the plain board used for direct printing or PVC film veneer mainly requires bending elastic modulus. Its value should be greater than 1900 N/mm2. If the elastic limit is at the rupture load of 0.80, the static flexural strength only needs to be 13 N/mm2. The requirement for flat tensile strength is: when Wood panel product is used for wood edging and veneer or plastic veneer veneer, 0.31 N/mm2 is enough. Such as direct printing or PVC film veneer, it should have a strength of 0.40 N/mm2.

(4) Deformation under long-term load

When the wood or artificial board is stressed, it will elastically deform in an instant, and then it will start to creep. The amount of creep gradually increases with time. This time-varying deformation consists of two parts: viscoelastic deformation and plastic deformation. The amount of creep not only changes with time, but also when the moisture content and temperature of wood products increase, the amount of creep increases a lot. Generally, the creep of wood products when the moisture content is 15% is 10 times that when the moisture content is 6%. Especially when the humidity and temperature of the climate change repeatedly, the amount of creep increases more rapidly.

(4) Dimensional stability

Dimensional stability has always been an issue of great concern to wood products. This is due to the characteristics of wood swelling and shrinking. The warpage and deformation of wood panel products are much better than that of the whole wood panel, but the moisture absorption thickness and swelling increase a lot. When wood panel products are applied to furniture, often due to the problem of dimensional stability, the furniture cannot be shaped, and various parts cannot be closely matched with each other. Moreover, due to the problem of dimensional stability, it is even difficult to guarantee the mechanized reprocessing of Wood panel products. Therefore, much research has been conducted on the dimensional stability of Wood panel products.

(5) Machining performance

After the wood panel product is unloaded from the hot press, until it is made into furniture, if it is mechanized production, it will go through many machining processes, including sawing, milling, planing, drilling and other machining processes. Therefore, Wood panel products for furniture are also a very important performance for the degree of tool wear.

(6) Nail holding power

Although Wood panel products are often joined and fixed with other materials or each other in various ways in furniture manufacturing. However, the use of nails and wood screws is still very common, so this aspect of performance is also very important for furniture shavings.

(7) Edge quality

The edge quality of Wood panel product includes edge strength and edge flatness. There are special methods for measuring the edge strength and flatness of Wood panel products abroad. The former uses a hammer hardness tester, but it does not use a steel ball to impact the edge of the board, but a flat steel block as a punch, which is driven parallel to the board surface with a certain energy and hits the side to determine its penetration depth. . With this shape of the punch, other force components can be avoided when the chip layer is hit. The latter uses optical instruments to measure the area of u200bu200bcorner defects.

To sum up, as to how to improve the quality of Wood panel products, we must first consider which field should be involved after the production of Wood panel products. The above points of concern have their own unique manufacturing fields.

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