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How to extend the service life of cotton wool gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-20
Single jersey gloves are widely used in my country's industrial and agricultural production, and there are many types, but the standards used in the production of protective gloves are mostly corporate standards and industry standards, and there are relatively few national standards. The deepening of reform and opening up and the rapid development of economic construction have promoted the rapid development of China's protective glove industry: First, the country has strengthened the supervision and management of safe production and vigorously organized the formulation of standards, AQ6101-2007 'Rubber Oil Resistant GlovesThe promulgation and implementation of a series of protective glove standards such as 'Acid (Alkali) Resistant GlovesIt also makes the people-oriented, caring for life and health concept gradually penetrate into the hearts of the people. Second, foreign manufacturers of protective gloves have entered the Chinese market, bringing a wide range of protective products with excellent performance, broadening the horizons of the Chinese people, and promoting the upgrading of protective gloves and the research and development of new products in my country. The third is the vigorous rise of my country's high-tech industry, which puts forward new requirements for hand protection and promotes the research and development of new protective gloves. Including new materials, new uses, and new functions. Fourth, new materials represented by aramid and high-strength polyethylene have been applied in my country's protective glove industry, marking that protective gloves have entered an era of high strength, high modulus, and high performance. Fifth, since the beginning of the 21st century, especially in recent years, international and domestic instability factors have increased. Anti-terrorism, infectious diseases, floods and droughts, earthquakes, geological landslides, mudslides, hurricanes, rain, snow and freezing disasters have occurred frequently. People are fighting against In disaster relief, it is gradually realized that scientifically equipping personal protective equipment, especially hand protective equipment, is very important and necessary to ensure the health and safety of front-line rescue workers. Sixth, in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places, a number of new companies that develop and produce protective labor gloves have emerged. These companies have closely combined with market demand, continuously introduced new varieties, and focused on enhancing the urgently needed jersey gloves in the market, which are resistant to cutting. The protective functions of grinding gloves, heat-resistant gloves, anti-static gloves and anti-vibration labor gloves, etc., and actively research and cite international standards and foreign advanced standards to continuously improve the performance of new protective gloves.
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