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how to cut a piece of oak plywood correctly

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-13
Plywood is a cork and hard wood product that is made of a variety of wood for each specification.
An example of hardwood floors is made of oak, which usually has solid oak veneers.
Cutting oak plywood brings two complicated problems to the Carpenter.
One is the toughness of wood. a-
The other is to prevent the solid oak veneer from splitting along the cutting line.
Something or workbench you need to mark tape measure, scrap wood or hand held Electric cutting tool with multiple functions
Special carbide hub accessories for table clamps (optional)
For difficult cuts, you may want to temporarily make a ruler by clamping the scrap wood, such as the remaining 2-by-
4S in addition to the guide.
This provides physical barriers and guidelines next to visual impairment.
Warning: Always wear safety goggles when using an electric cutting or sawing tool. References (3)
Woodworking area: Wood performance woodworking skills: cutting of wood work
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