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how to create unique wall panels

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-10
Q: I bought an old house with slight flaws on the walls of the bathroom.
I want to add visual interest to the wall and cover up some defects.
How can I do this without letting it look cheesy?
A: increasing visual interest can be a challenge when working in the bathroom due to limited space and fixtures.
Creativity is important, I like to apply design in a traditional way and put my own ideas on it.
A good way to increase the visual interest of the bathroom is the wall panel.
I know you think they\'re cheesy, but the opposite is true.
Think of the chic wall panel.
What we are going to create today will be a similar idea, but we will add a modern twist by imitating the wallpaper design on the tablet.
You need the following supplies: • Wood • Primer • deer hair (CLW 1047W)General Paint (Colour: White)Black Russia (CL 3127N)General Paint (Colour: Black)
• Roller and paint tray • paint brush • Big Paisley template • grinding • painter\'s partner green tape Step 1: Visit the local hardware store and ask them to cut the board to 48 inch wide and 40 inch high.
The panel must be very thin.
Step 2: Gently polish the entire surface of the panel.
This will help to attach the paint.
Then apply a primer on the surface of the panel.
Step 3: After the primer is dried, add two layers of deer hair universal paint.
You can also choose to wear only one coat to create a truly unique white look with a wood base color.
I call it a beach house.
Step 4: plan the design for your panel.
What mode will you follow?
Remember that less is more.
You want to keep the pattern and design simple.
Bring your template and tape.
Create a grid or straight line with tape to make sure your design is straight and accurate.
Measure the width between each template.
After determining where to start, place the template in the appropriate area.
Tape it down with tape.
Step 5: gently apply the black paint to the template with a brush.
Step 6: Place the template where you want to apply the next design and repeat step 5.
Step 7: Repeat the process constantly.
After the panel is completed, repeat the whole process for all the panels.
Step 8: Your new designer wall panel is ready to be installed on your wall!
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