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How to classify work gloves according to the process method

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-17
There are many types of labor gloves. In addition to chemical resistance, they also have anti-cutting, electrical insulation, waterproof, cold-proof, heat-radiation, fire-resistant and flame-retardant functions. According to the processing method, shape characteristics, organization structure, use object and Weaving materials are classified in terms of types and so on. According to the classification of processing methods, according to the method of making working gloves, it can be divided into two types: knitting working gloves and sewing working gloves. Knitting gloves are divided into flat knitting gloves, circular knitting gloves and warp knitting gloves according to knitting equipment. The stitched gloves are cut with a knitted bad cloth according to the pattern of the thread gloves, and then stitched together by a sewing machine. Classified by product style, the styles of working gloves are named according to the shape of fingers and soft sleeves. According to the style of the finger part, it is divided into single finger line gloves, split finger line gloves and finger line gloves. According to the length of knitting fingers, split finger gloves are divided into full finger gloves, half finger gloves and fingerless gloves. If you put a half-finger line glove on the five fingers of your hand, it is a half finger line glove; the fingerless line glove refers to a fingerless line glove. There is a hole in the front of the palm for four fingers, and there are also finger holes on the thumb. , The five fingers on his hand are all exposed. In addition to the above styles, there are other special styles, such as labor insurance labor gloves with only three fingers or two fingers.
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