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How to choose labor protection gloves?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-17
There are many types of work gloves, and different types are used in different industries. Therefore, the industries involved are relatively wide. Basically all industries have labor gloves. There are different types of work gloves, and they are classified according to the materials or uses. No matter which form of classification, they must be in line with the industry in terms of use. The use of industry-related products should be truly protective gloves and protect hands. Ministry of work safety. need to choose different material types according to the different use environment. For example, some workers who move bricks in a brick kiln need heat-insulated gloves, while chemical-proof gloves are used in environments that need to be exposed to chemical substances, and different chemical environments have different choices. Choose the correct chemical-proof gloves. It can form a protective barrier between the hands and chemical substances to protect the health of construction workers, especially when they need to be exposed to some chemical substances that can enter the human body through the skin. The choice of working gloves is more important. If the selection of working gloves is not correct, the chemical The substance penetrates and adheres to the gloves, causing even greater harm than direct exposure.
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