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How to choose jersey gloves?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-19
How to choose a suitable pair of jersey gloves? For this problem, choosing a pair of high-quality jersey labor gloves is a multiplier effect on our work. So how to choose jersey gloves? Let's take a look together next. 1. Raw materials. Qualified canvas feels very delicate to the touch. The canvas originally belongs to coarse hemp fabric and must have texture. As long as the qualified canvas has a clear texture, it has a very average and delicate feeling to the touch, while the fabric of composite canvas feels good to the touch. Rough, even hard. 2. Lining and accessories. Compared with the chemical fiber lining, pure cotton lining is much more expensive, but it is stronger, does not show the phenomenon of wire drawing, and has a particularly delicate touch. 3. Workmanship. The finer the stitches sewn by the glove machine, the stronger the jersey gloves will be. Normally, the stitches will not open. Anyone who buys jersey gloves understands this truth. It is a very depressing thing to open the gloves. The above knowledge introduced by our company, friends all understand, thank you for your support!
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